Associated Chemicals supplies activated carbon, across a range of applications including 

      •    Chemical Purification and Catalysts
      •    Waste Gas Purification
      •    Air Purification
      •    Water Treatment
      •    Food and Beverage
      •    Pharmaceutical and Personal Care
      •    Soil Remediation

We offer you a range of products and services depending on your industry type, specific application and exact needs. We can also offer carbon filtration media solutions, end to end integrated carbon solutions, including placement and removal of spent carbon

Associated chemicals are a leading supplier of engineered mineral products derived from diatomite and expanded perlite.   They are an excellent filtration application solution for liquid/solid separation and are available in both food and pharma grades. They are suitable for filter presses, leaf filters, stack filters, tubular filters and horizontal plate filters in the chemical and process industries.
These filtration solutions are also offered in the brewing, refining and purification of edible oils, biodiesel and oleochemicals.